Kai Yokoyama : 横山快

Kai Yokoyama is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Starting out as an architecture student at Saitama University, he twitched his major to photography and completed his studies at Tokyo College of Photography. After working as an assistant to contemporary art photographer Izima Kaoru he has since become a full-time freelance photographer. Currently, he continues his passion for documenting patrons of traditional Japanese events in a studio, which he has been doing since 2002.



APA Award (Japan Advertising Photographers' Association), 2019
A finalist portrait in the Top 50 photographers in KLPA, 2019
Silver medal of portraiture in PX3, 2019


Monochrome, 2003
M, 2004
Change, 2009
2016 Exhibition, 2009
APA Award, 2019

Online Publications

Dodho Magazine, SDN


Pro Cameraman File 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017
年鑑日本の広告写真2019 (Yearbook Advertising Photos in Japan 2019)
1340ART Magazine, 2019 Q2 edition


Magnum Masterclass in Hong Kong with Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb, 2019
Tanya Habjouqa's workshop in Latvia(ISSP), 2019